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Your journey, our priority. With cutting-edge technology, experienced dispatchers, and a commitment to excellence, we ensure prompt, reliable, and safe transportation for passengers. Experience the difference with Our dispatch services – where every ride is a seamless and enjoyable journey. 

CallNova’s 24/7 Taxi Dispatch Services

The need for reliable transportation is constant. Whether it’s catching an early morning flight, attending a late-night event, or simply heading home after a long day’s work, having access to dependable taxi services around the clock is essential. That’s where our taxi call center steps in, our virtual assistants offering 24/7 taxi dispatch services in Canada & in USA designed to meet the diverse needs of passengers anytime, anywhere.

One of the key benefits of CallNova’s taxi call answering service & 24/7 taxi dispatch services is the peace of mind it offers to passengers. Whether you’re catching a flight early morning or heading home late at night, knowing that you can rely on our virtual assistants to provide a safe and timely ride can make all the difference. Our dedicated team of dispatchers dispatch taxi & works tirelessly to match passengers with available drivers, ensuring that no request goes unanswered, regardless of the time of day.

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CallNova Taxi and Limo Dispatch Services sets the standard for reliable, efficient transportation solutions. With our state-of-the-art dispatch technology we provides inbound call center services & the best call answering services for taxi and limo with a dedicated team. Our virtual assistants ensure seamless connectivity between passengers and drivers. CallNova provides the best call answering services in Canada and USA.

Our virtual assistant offers a comprehensive suite of global dispatching solutions tailored to meet your transportation needs. Here’s how our services align with your requirements:

Taxi and Limo Dispatch Services: At CallNova, we pride our virtual assistants on delivering professional taxi and Limo dispatch services that prioritize reliability and efficiency. Our advanced dispatching technology ensures that you receive prompt and seamless service, every time.

Taxi and Limo Fleet Management: Managing a taxi and Limo fleet can be complex, but with our virtual assistants, it’s effortless. Our taxi and Limo fleet management solutions streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and maximize fleet efficiency.

  • Scalability: Whether a taxi or limo company is just starting out or looking to expand its operations, our virtual assistants offers scalable solutions to accommodate varying needs. Companies can easily adjust their service levels and scale up or down as demand fluctuates.
  • 24/7 Support: CallNova’s dispatch call center operates round-the-clock, 24 hour limo and taxi service providing support to taxi and limo companies at any time of the day or night. This ensures that companies can address issues promptly and deliver reliable service to their customers at all times.
  • Industry Expertise: With years of experience in the transportation industry, Our virtual assistants brings valuable expertise and insights to its partners. Companies can benefit from CallNova’s industry knowledge, best practices, and innovative solutions to stay competitive and adapt to changing market trends.


One surefire way to achieve this is by partnering with a reputable dispatch center like CallNova. Here are some compelling benefits that taxi and limo companies can experience by collaborating with CallNova:

  • Expanded Reach: By working with CallNova’s dispatch center, taxi and limo companies can tap into a larger customer base. Our virtual assistants extensive network and marketing efforts can help attract new customers and increase brand visibility.
  • Efficient Dispatch Operations: Virtual assistance advanced taxi and limo dispatch technology streamlines operations for taxi and limo companies. With real-time tracking, optimized routing, and automated dispatching, companies can improve efficiency and reduce downtime.
  • Increased Revenue: Partnering with CallNova can lead to increased revenue opportunities for taxi and limo companies with our best taxi and limo dispatch services and software. By accessing a broader customer pool and optimizing operations, companies can boost their earnings and maximize profitability.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Our Virtual assistant prioritizes customer satisfaction, and partnering companies can benefit from this focus. With responsive support staff, seamless booking processes, and reliable service, taxi and limo companies can deliver an exceptional experience to their customers.
  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing dispatch services to our virtual assistants can result in significant cost savings for taxi and limo companies. By eliminating the need for in-house dispatch operations and investing in expensive technology, companies can reduce overhead expenses and improve financial performance.


For over 15 years, Our virtual assistants has stood as a beacon of reliability and excellence in the dispatching industry. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to providing top-tier dispatching services tailored to meet the unique needs of taxi and limo companies.

Our journey began over a decade and a half ago, driven by a passion for efficiency and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Over the years, we’ve honed our craft, perfecting our processes and embracing innovation to stay ahead of the curve.


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Key Features of CallNova’s Taxi and Limo Dispatch Services

 Advanced Dispatch Software: CallNova’s dispatch system utilizes cutting-edge technology to optimize fleet management and route planning, resulting in reduced wait times and improved customer satisfaction.

Understanding the Need for Advanced Dispatch Solutions

In the highly competitive taxi and limo industry, businesses need to differentiate themselves by providing exceptional service.

Efficient call answering services and dispatch systems are essential for meeting customer demands and staying ahead of the competition.

CallNova recognizes these needs and offers tailored solutions to address the challenges faced by taxi and limo companies.

The Role of CallNova in Enhancing Taxi and Limo Dispatch Services

CallNova provides a range of call center services, including inbound call handling, call answering, and dispatch management.

With a focus on efficiency and reliability, CallNova streamlines the dispatch process, ensuring prompt response times and optimal resource allocation.

The platform integrates advanced dispatch software with call center functionalities, offering a comprehensive solution for taxi and limo businesses.

Benefits of Using CallNova for Taxi and Limo Dispatch Services

Improved Efficiency By automating routine tasks and streamlining communication processes, CallNova helps taxi and limo businesses operate more efficiently, reducing response times and increasing service capacity.

Enhanced Customer Experience

With faster response times, accurate ride scheduling, and personalized service, CallNova elevates the customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates and increased loyalty.


CallNova’s flexible platform allows taxi and limo companies to scale their operations according to demand, ensuring they can meet peak service requirements without compromising quality.

Cost Savings

By optimizing resource allocation and reducing operational overheads, CallNova helps businesses minimize costs and maximize profitability, delivering a strong return on investment.

Case Studies

Real-world Examples of CallNova in Action

  • Case Study

USA Taxi Company Implements CallNova’s Dispatch Services.

  • Case Study

Canada Limo Service Streamlines Operations with CallNova.

Getting Started with CallNova

Contact Our virtual assistant and sales team to schedule a demo and explore how their solutions can benefit your business.

Take the first step towards transforming your taxi or limo service with CallNova’s innovative call center services and dispatch solutions.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

CallNova’s platform sends automated alerts and notifications to dispatchers and drivers, keeping them informed of important updates such as new ride requests, traffic conditions, or customer preferences.


Non-disclosure agreement

To give high-quality multilingual dispatching, CALLNOVA is offering services of taxi dispatch, technician services, shipment service, and dispatch software delivery with the availability of a non-disclosure agreement by using its best telecommunication platform.

This work operation is designed to increase your profitability and reduction of administrative and operating costs. Moreover, we are establishing confidential relationships with our clients by non-disclosure agreement where both parties sign an agreement that they will keep the privacy of sensitive information under consideration and follow both mutual and non-mutual disclosure agreements.

In addition, NDA is assisting our clients in seeking funding and potential investors. Our subjects under NDA are sales plan, marketing strategy, manufacturing process, potential customers, and proprietary software and this agreement will be applicable for a mentioned specific period of time. Our virtual assistants work with one company from one city and are bound to not work with your competitors.

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“CALLNOVA incorporation” is working on the strategy of giving quality services to their clients and becoming the fittest in the highly competitive taxi dispatch industry They commit their presence and not a single call can be ever missed even on highly busy days.


To keep your work on track and offer customer support our virtual assistants are giving you access to all of your call recordings. Moreover, we are meeting all the market standards to give the next level to your business and providing a resource for your business communication needs through our calls answering services.


Due to exceptional quality control steps our services leave a positive impact on the business growth of a large number of companies throughout the world. Furthermore, our digital asserts, art system, and board of experienced professional virtual assistants enable us to serve our clients with first-rate grasp solutions to manage your business more efficiently and stay competitive in call answering services for taxis.

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